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Find Legal Support for Your QDRO Case

The Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt can work directly with attorneys or clients on QDRO cases! Your attorney can place her on retainer to review and draft documents, or you can pay Dorothy directly! Our team can assist attorneys in understanding the terms of plans and drafting appropriate language for documents and orders!

The Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt GUARANTEES that every order drafted is accepted by the respective retirement plan! And with over 20 years' experience, you can rest assured that you'll only be getting sound legal advice from a qualified and experienced attorney. Attorney Voigt also has her L.L.M in Employee Benefits for your peace of mind!

Choose an attorney with the necessary experience

For the Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt to assist you, it would be helpful to obtain statements, benefit estimates, summary plan descriptions, plan documents, and QDRO procedures for each plan involved. Our team can procure these documents through Discovery if you haven't, though additional fees for doing Discovery may apply.

Ensure you've got the proper paperwork

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