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Learn How Your QDRO Case Can Conclude Successfully

To make certain you receive the retirement benefits provided by the settlement or judgement in your divorce or separation case, additional orders must be filed in court and submitted to the given plan's administrators. You cannot receive your share of the benefits until this process is complete!

If your attorney hasn't filed the orders necessary to divide up retirement benefits, contact our legal team and get the assistance you need. Don't give up assets you've bargained for! It is also crucial to file in a timely fashion, as plans and companies can change so much that it can become extremely difficult to complete the orders.

Find the legal backup you need

To assist you with your division, the Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt asks that you obtain statement, benefit estimates, summary plan descriptions (SDPs), plan documents, QDRO procedures for each plan involved, marriage coverture adjustments, pension plans, and tax adjustments. A review the relevant language in your marriage settlement agreement will occur to ensure a sound legal foundation for your QDROs.


If you haven't obtained these documents during Discovery, Attorney Voigt can do so for you (additional Discovery fees may apply).

Acquire the needed documents for a QDRO

The Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt carries malpractice insurance and will GUARANTEE that every order drafted is accepted by the retirement plan!

Have your QDROs drafted by a licensed, experienced attorney - call our team today for details!