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Benefits Earned from State or Local Government

If you’ve ever been employed by an Illinois state or local government entity, you may have earned retirement benefits through your employment.  These benefits are not ERISA plans and cannot be divided pursuant to ERISA law.  However, these plans can be divided, so get the help you need from the Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt.  Dorothy is up to date on Illinois Pension Reform issues and how they affect benefits.

Explore the benefits earned.  Some of the state and local agencies that provide retirement benefits are the Teachers Retirement System of Illinois, State Employees Retirement System, State Universities Retirement System, Judges’ Retirement System, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, and Police and Fire departments.  The plans are divided per the Illinois Pension Act, so contact the Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt to explore all of your options.

Learn About Illinois QILDRO

Dividing assets during divorce is a challenging task at best, and a critically confusing one at worst. Because improperly filed QDROs will not qualify to help you received benefits after your divorce, choose the Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt to help you! Put highly qualified attorneys with in-depth financial knowledge to work on your divorce divisions!

Don't tackle a QILDRO case on your own

ALL QDROs from the Law Offices of Dorothy A. Voigt are checked to ensure that they will be qualified by the given plan's administrators!

Enlist an L.M.M. accredited attorney to help with your QDRO cases -call our team today for assistance!